Wholesale Business: Should I Start Online or Offline?

Many of you have probably own the urge of starting a wholesale business offline or online here with the Internet. Both options are fantastic- I live them both. One of them is actually better for bringing in profits than the other one. One of them is riskier than the other one. Many of us know the answer, many of us do not have a single clue of which is the better one for our entrepreneurial start up wholesale business. If you had been anything like me in the past, you probably have had the goal and even dream of having your own Internet mini-mall online. It is fantastic when you have an Internet mini-mall selling what you love and feel good upon selling it. If you have passion for what you are selling, what will stop you from having success with it? Probably nothing- if you are persistent and take action. But of course, let me go right to the heart of this lesson.

The difference between having an online wholesale business and offline wholesale business, are numerous. For starters, you do not pay thousands of dollars a month with an online wholesale business mini-mall. You do not have to pay employees at the beginning and start of an online wholesale start up. You do not need to leave your house at 7:00am to arrive early, just so you can receive customers. You do not need to chase clientele as in the online world- clients come to you, you do not need to go to them by chasing them 24×7. The differences are vast and outstanding when it comes to the differences between online and offline wholesale businesses. With an online wholesale mini-store, you can reach thousands and even millions of clients. It has been proven as a fact with the world biggest auction house, eBay. You can start by looking for reliable distributors and wholesalers and you can be in business in no time. It is as easy as 1,2,3 to start.

The difficult part comes when you need to know who is reliable when it comes to investing your money and who are the distributors that you need in order to receive the biggest possible net profit out of the items that you are selling. It does not get any simpler than that this day. The issue comes when you start buying all the wholesale list online and you start getting frustrated because they all seem to be a scam or a bunch of outdated business contacts that either sell for $0.99 or $9.99. Most people know about the headaches those kind of contacts give, they probably do not deliver or they are a middleman trying to make a commission out of a sale from a their own items that are being advertised as wholesale or below wholesale. It got me crazy 6 years ago, now it is different, as I am financially free thanks to the whole experience I received from past Internet scams and the many trial and errors from the past. Fact is- you get what you paid for most of the time. I learn that the hard way, but I am happy it went that way. I have wholesale businesses in many niches, and I sell wholesale items all from the comfort of my home. It can be you today or it can be your friend tomorrow. Today you are student, tomorrow the teacher? I hope so- the wholesale business is fantastic!

Tunnel Vision Marketing: What You Don’t Know About Your Prospects Could Cost You Your Business

Tired of investing time or money marketing your business and going nowhere fast?
Frustrated by how “hit or miss” your marketing efforts turn out? Want to know the
secret to multiplying your marketing results with greater precision and velocity?

The solution is simpler than you think.

More than 85% of all businesses suffer from a profit-threatening disease called
Tunnel Vision Marketing. What are the symptoms? How can you diagnose if your business
is suffering from this disease?

Well, when you think of the word “tunnel vision,” what words come to mind?
“Narrow focus?” “Losing sight of …?” “Blinders?” “Missing the big picture?”

Tunnel Vision Marketing is all these symptoms and more. It ‘s a blindness about who your
client is … what makes them tick … what they are deeply feeling, etc. If your business
is in survival mode, plateaued or tolerating marginal performance, it is probably suffering
from Tunnel Vision Marketing.

The good news is: there is a cure. What I am about to share with you is the
** #1 SECRET OF TOP MARKETEERS **. A secret that will escalate your revenues …
cut your marketing time by 50+% … and differentiate you and your business, even in the most crowded competitive times.

You want to know that secret, right? Then read on.



“Thou shalt know thy clients and prospects … inside and out.”


Imagine in your mind’s eyes a recent prospect. What do you know about that person?
Anything, other than their name, phone #, etc.? Do you know what makes this
person tick? Do you know their *real* needs and wants?

If you want to dramatically shift your marketing results, you MUST put yourself in your
client’s or prospect’s shoes. You MUST know the nuances of their thinking … their feelings

… their lifestyle … their deepest desires … their most anguishing challenges. You MUST
get into their head. You MUST connect with their heart. Below are the top 7 questions
to which you need to know the answers if you want to multiply your marketing results.

1. What worries keep your clients awake at night, losing hours upon hours of sleep?

2. What are their deepest fears that stop them dead in their tracks, haunting their every
thought and tying knots in their stomach?

3. What angers them most, gets their adrenaline going?

4. What do they most secretly, deeply desire?

5. What values are important to them in their business/life?

6. What criteria do they use in making decisions?

7. What kind of books do they read? What kind of TV shows do they watch? What is their
home like? How do they spend their leisure time? What is their lifestyle like?

If you take the time to know the heart, head and soul of your potential clients, the payoff
in your marketing results will be HUGE. REMEMBER: Tunnel Vision Marketing, if not corrected
in time, can be fatal to your business.

**************************** COACH’S ACTION STEP *****************************

First, answer the above questions yourself to test your knowledge of your targeted markets.
Then ask these same questions of 5+ prospects/clients in each market. Other sources for this
info: check out the “hot topics” and ads in publications targeted to your markets. Use this
information in your marketing communications and strategies for reaching your market.
Guaranteed to cure any of your marketing woes!


Effortless Networking: Do People Recommend Your Business to Others?

Here’s a story about everyday networking, and how effective it can be — for both the business and the customer/client.

When we relocated recently, we decided to sell our old car instead of transporting it cross country, and buy another one once we arrived at our destination.

Since we were new in town, we asked people at my husband’s workplace for their recommendations for car dealers. We got 3 names. We visited them all, and settled on a car we liked.

As we were getting ready to buy the car, we ran into a little snag: we needed to have car insurance in the state of Ohio, before we could drive the car home.

We knew we could transfer our insurance from California to Ohio, so we hadn’t worried about this detail too much.

However, as it turned out, we bought this car on a Saturday. And while the California insurance office was open, the Ohio branch was not! So we could not do the transfer that day. We had to wait until Monday.

With everything else we had to do, I didn’t want to wait. I wanted this “task” to be completed and off my “to do” list!

So I asked our car salesman if he could recommend an insurance company.

He said he liked his own insurance agent and could call them to find out if they were open.

They were. And they got our business.

Well, 3 things occurred to me, as I thought about this experience:

  1. The insurance agent made a sale on a Saturday morning, without any effort on his part. Well, actually, the effort was invested earlier — when he was serving and taking care of his client (our car salesman). So when we asked for a recommendation, it was a “no-brainer” for our car salesman to give us his name.
  2. Our car dealership seems to make a lot of sales. As I drive around these days, it seems that every other car on the road is from that dealership. How many people go to that dealership in the first place, because a trusted friend or colleague recommended it to them? Related to this, it occurred to me that we had asked several people for recommendations for car dealerships, but only 3 responded with names. Why didn’t the others? Is it because they don’t have cars, or is it because they didn’t have an out-of-the-ordinary experience with the dealership they went to?
  3. There are “natural” partnership opportunities among certain businesses. For instance, when you buy a car in the U.S., most states require you to have car insurance. When you buy a house, you usually need to work with a real estate lawyer, a home inspector, and a financial institution. Later on, you may also need to find other service providers for your new house, such as plumber, electrician, etc. As I did in the car anecdote, I remembered that when I bought my house, I kept asking my realtor for recommendations for all of these service providers. How many small business owners take advantage of this phenomenon?

People ask for recommendations for a wide range of products and services everyday, as a normal part of daily life.

And their friends and colleagues recommend their favorite ones to them when asked. (This, of course, is called a “referral” by the business that sells that particular product or service!)

Is your business benefitting from this kind of networking that happens everyday and all the time?

If not, why do you suppose this is?

If yes, are you doing anything in particular to encourage people to recommend you or your business? Be sure to do more of it.